World wide car key repair service

How it works

You send us a car key remote

We repair it the same day it arrives.

You pay

When the key is repaired we send you a invoice to your e-mail address thru our partner PayPal.

We send back your key

When the invoice is payed we return the key to you.

Common fault

Reparation Kianycklar

Broken key blades

We renovate your key, so it looks new again. Common fault on many cars like Kia, Hyundai, Opel, Chevrolet and Volkswagen.

Price: from 800 SEK

Nytt skal bilnyckel

Damage key case or worn-out buttons

We put new buttons on your damage key and change key case of more than 650 different car models.

Price: from 800 SEK
Price only key case: contact us

Card not detected Renault

Start problems

Does your car not start? Is the immobiliser lamp blink? We could repair most of those problems even on newer Renault key cards.

Price: from 800 SEK
Price: 800 SEK Renault key cards year 2009+

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